We create industry-defining thought leadership for busy executives and their companies.

As an extension of your strategic brainpower, we supercharge your thought leadership output in the form of reports, articles, blog posts and more.

We create industry-defining thought leadership

for busy executives and their companies.

As an extension of your strategic brainpower, we

supercharge your thought leadership output in the

form of data-heavy reports, blog articles, and more.

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Future Travel: All Great Journeys Start With A Map

Exploring the intersection of ChatGPT and map-based interfaces in transforming the future of how we plan and experience travel.


In recent months, we have witnessed the rise of Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs), transforming industries across the spectrum.

Time to reach 100 million MAU in months

Among them, the travel industry is uniquely positioned to benefit from these technological advancements. In fact, a plethora of travel-tech startups leveraging the power of Generative AI, mostly ChatGPT to be specific, have entered the market, offering AI-powered ways to search for travel. Some of these ventures include Roam Around, iplan.ai, AMBL, GuideGeek, and many more which we will present in this report.



Mapping the 50+ most relevant sustainability startups

We scouted all the tech startups that are making mobility greener by addressing global sustainability issues like traffic congestion, overtourism, flight shaming, and others.

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Unveiling the quiet revolution of Industry 4.0

The next era of the digitized manufacturing sector is characterized by the rise of data and connectivity, analytics, human-machine interaction, and improvements in robotics.

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Funding bounced back

Global VC funding (in $B) in Travel and Mobility Tech by year

VC financing is critical for startup founders to bring their ideas to market. As it stands, 2021 is set to see full-year funding amounts return to 44 billion USD. This suggests that the startup ecosystem has fully recovered, ready to overcome the previous years' stagnating investment trends and return to its long-term growth trajectory.

Scooters replace cars

Mode shift displacement among e-scooter users

Using an e-​scooter or e-​bike seems climate-friendly at first glance because they do not use internal combustion engines. But in terms of their carbon footprint, the means of transport they typically replace is ultimately what matters. It’s necessary to look at how micromobility modes are actually being used by people.

Which mode of transport is tipically replaced by an e-scooter ride?

18% Other

9% Public Transit

23% Personal Car

31% Walking

19% Ride Hail

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We're in a B2B content crisis: Every company must become a media company to differentiate itself from competitors. However, executives lack the time and resources to produce authentic thought leadership. Traditional agencies offer only surface-level clickbait, failing to reflect the strategic mindset and expert insights of C-level executives.


Introducing Research+Attitude: Your market intelligence powerhouse, unleashing world-class insights on behalf of global leaders and their forward-looking firms. Our deep, data-driven narratives focus on the most relevant trends in your industry. It's time for your company to become the smartest voice in the room.


Imagine your company blog armed with the analytical firepower of a McKinsey report. With us, it's more data-driven, engaging, and carries a unique point of view that truly cuts through the noise, setting a new industry standard.

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Don’t just take our word for it.

Research+Attitude's precision is second to none - they offer a masterclass in trend analysis.

Christian Langer


From establishing trust to delivering wow-factor content, Research+Attitude consistently exceeds expectations.

Azeem Azhar

founder @Exponential View

The energy, effort, and expertise R+A put into their work is truly remarkable. I can't help but sing their praises.

Ben Marcus

Co-Founder & MD @UP.Partners

R+A really adds spice to our research, bringing in bold and meaningful perspectives and helping us to differentiate.

Christine Wang

MD @Lufthansa Innovation Hub

R+A is the trusted partner for tech players seeking to build credible thought leadership and establish themselves as the go-to authority in their niche.

Gleb Tritus

Entrepreneur & Investor

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TNMT.com is Lufthansa Innovation Hub's dedicated research publication decoding the trends in the global travel and mobility context—highly praised by peers, professional research firms, VCs, and consultancies.


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Our Thought Leadership Services are your all-in-one solution. From initial concept to fully polished publication, we seamlessly shoulder the entire content production journey.

Define & Conceptualize

Define & Conceptualize

We pinpoint your core theme, setting the stage for insightful research and compelling content.

Determine main focus & theme

Outline key messages

Establish content plan & vision

Research & Analyze

Research & Analyze

We rigorously produce customized research intelligence at the highest quality level.

Identify, clean, and combine relevant data

Scout trends, shifts, and hidden industry leaders

Interpret market signals

Synthesize & Write

Synthesize & Write

We translate data into high-end tech writing with strong insight for you to get noticed.

Pinpoint takeaways & punchy POVs

Articulate and edit powerful insights

Ensure gripping storylines with an editorial edge

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Package & Publish

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Visualize high-end trend charts

Design unique content brand assets

Launch kick-ass content pieces like the trend report you have been dreaming about

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The ultimate industry resource; shape the narrative and become the go-to north star for your entire ecosystem.


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I‘m Lennart Dobravsky, tech analyst, writer, and the founder of Research+Attitude.

I love transforming data into gripping storylines. And I've always been obsessed with creating unconventional, data-driven analyses that explore the hidden insights and macro trends shaping the future.

Over the course of my career, I have built a network of leading researchers, analysts, editors, designers, and creatives who share this passion with me.

Before going independent with Research+Attitude, I was the Director of Research & Intelligence at the Lufthansa Innovation Hub, Principal Publishing at Axel Springer hy, and Research Analyst at Bain & Company. At all these places, I decoded emerging trends, uncovered patterns, and revealed opportunities across various industries.

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