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High-quality thought leadership is what separates inspiring companies from the rest. But the internet is overrun with shallow B2B content that is mostly clickbaity self-marketing bla bla.

We produce world-class market intelligence that your audience won't find anywhere else. Our deep data-driven market insights are packaged in compelling storylines that trace the trends of the future.

Envision your corporate blog or company newsletter with the analytical firepower of a McKinsey report, but more data-heavy and fun-to-read with an actual point-of-view. True thought leadership that will cut through the noise.

Case Study

TNMT.com is Lufthansa Innovation Hub's dedicated research publication decoding the trends in the global travel and mobility context—highly praised by peers, professional research firms, VCs, and consultancies.



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Our Thought Leadership Research Services leverage our full spectrum of expertise across the end-to-end content creation process. You can work with us on a plug-and-play basis.

Research & Analyze

We rigorously produce customized research intelligence at the highest quality level.

  • Identify relevant data
  • Scout trends & startups
  • Interpret market signals

Synthesize & Write

We translate data into high-end tech writing with strong insight for you to get noticed.

  • Pinpoint takeaways & punchy POVs
  • Articulate and edit powerful insights
  • Ensure gripping storylines with an editorial edge

Package & Publish

We turn your research intelligence into professional media content that stands out.

  • Visualize high-end trend charts
  • Design unique content brand assets
  • Launch kick-ass content pieces, e.g. reports, articles, newsletters, market maps, corporate blogs, trend publications, and more

Grow & Internalize

We help you set up your own state-of-the-art market research operating systems and content orgs.

  • Hiring, training, and team setup
  • Tech stack and research tool portfolio
  • Workflows, methodologies & knowledge systems

Audit & Optimize

We stress-test and upgrade your existing Thought Leadership content on your corporate blog or elsewhere.

  • Site structure and landing pages
  • Research and visualization approaches
  • Editorial and campaign planning
  • Social media and newsletter copy


I‘m Lennart Dobravsky, tech analyst, writer, and the founder of Research+Attitude.

I love transforming data into gripping storylines. And I've always been obsessed with creating unconventional, data-driven analyses that explore the hidden insights and macro trends shaping the future.

Over the course of my career, I have built a network of leading researchers, analysts, editors, designers, and creatives who share this passion with me.

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